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What's yours is mine and what's mine... is MINE!
Ugh, all these channels, and not a single one of them as a show hosted by an overly-genki reporter with a fat guy carrying the mic who always gets tired at least once in an episode and hits her on the head?

Come on, Shinnou TV sucked, but Shinnou Now!... that was comedy gold!

Who doesn't laugh when that annoyingly peppy and loud reporter gets a mic slammed into her head?

That's it, I'm going out and seeing if I can find something fun to do.

Wish this place had contests or something!

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So, um, I need money right now, so I'm selling my junk amazing belongings that once belonged to me and have my illustrious scent on them and stuff and anybody'd be HONORED to have my things! Buy my stuff and be the envy of all you meet!

Right? Okay!
Click for stuff!Collapse )

((Just a note: The Musashi I play is pre DP73, in case anyone was confused. And striked-through text was deleted.))

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I demand to be entertained!

What do you guys do for fun around here, anyway?

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Now. Who is the best samurai in Ville de Lumiere?

That's right, this post is dedicated to Yukimura-san! ♥ He gave us fooood.

((Striked-out text = deleted.))

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Aha, my hair is finally back to normal! That was so unbelievably weird, maybe I should stop eating hand-outs NEVER.


Was my hair always this vivid shade of red? It's so much more beautiful than I remember!

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M-my gorgeous hair...

It was PERFECT... it was just the right shade of red and now it's a sickly ten shades lighter!


Wait! The pink frosting...


Still, those were great cupcakes

I've been trying all morning to wash it out and nothing is WORKING. I'm nothing without my hair, NOTHING. THIS IS A DISASTER b,agegeeg;lnmk


((She'll get over it. Eventually. For now though, guys, watch out. xD))

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I need a way to make some money on the side since I keep getting fired for chewng people out and suggesting a mallet to the head as a way to put people to sleep, so!

Anyone who needs a makeover just comment to tell me where you are and I'll come right over and make you look FABULOUS! Not as pretty as me, but of course, that's impossible, even for a genius like me! I'm SO modest!

So, anybod in need of a makeover? Just about everybody in this city needs a makeover, if you ask me.

((Striked-out text was deleted.))

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I wonder if Santa Claus is here too?

Well, if he forgived me last time for my childhood belief that Santa was an evil Rougela that stole my one and only and most favoritest dolly and my kidnapping him, then there's no reason he shouldn't give me something this year too, right?

Dear Santa Claus!

I want jaari-boy's Pikachu.
I also want the ribbons needed to take part in the Grand Festival!
And I want a big house. And lots of money.
And a rich and handsome husband.
And a big car. And a balcony!
And a HAKURYUU. Definitely a Hakuryuu.
And lots of clothes!
((... and so on and so forth.))

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There will be a Pokemon battle in the park! It will be your chance to see my gorgeous Pokemon battle, you all know you wanna see THAT, right?! Oh, and very_bad_angel will be there too.

The lovely and talented Coordinator Musashi VS that weird guy in the cactus suit Harley-sensei! Don't miss it!

Also, we need judges! Who wants to judge? Ah! A referee too! It's easy, all you've got to do is wave your arms and yell and avoid getting hit by poorly-aimed attacks! But since my Pokemon are so well-trained, you won't have to worry about that last one too much~! You also announce the end of a battle when all of a person's Pokemon are unable to battle. Don't know the point of referees, but one might be interested!

Aha, and we need lights to make my best features more prominent! And we need smoke, 'cause smoke and lights just go together! Or, maybe, Habunake or Dokucale can do that for me! Hopefully no one gets poisoned...

KYAAAA! This is gonna be FUN.

Anyone? ^__^

Oh! Let's make it one on one, Harley? No switching allowed! Or do you want a three on three battle?

((Striked-through text deleted.))

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Here are pictures of my Pokemon who are infinitely cuter AND stronger than Harley-sensei's pack of rejects Pokemon, since Harley has already posted pictures of his own and I can't think of anything else to post about other than my hair, maybe I should give my hair it's own LJ? It's been significantly less shiny as of late...


My current team!



Dokucale (the one on the left, the one on the right is jaari-girl's Agehunto >>)

And here are pictures of the Pokemon I have already released.
Arbok and when it was an Arbo. Wasn't it adorable?!

And finally, Beroringa!

Now, how about a vote! Whose Pokemon do you like more? Mine, or Harley's?

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