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What's yours is mine and what's mine... is MINE!
I'm in a desperate need for new clothes! I want to go shopping!

Problem is, I don't really know any place that sells clothes and stuff.

So. Anybody know a place?

I'm getting bored with the few outfits I have and I positively NEED pretty clothes to compliment my gorgeous body, not that it isn't lovely without!

But, you know, it's boring wearing the same thing over. And over. And over. And over...
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It came down with something, it got a virus! And then I tried to disinfect it and spilled antibiotics into it, then it ELECTOCUTED ME.

And blew up!

Ungrateful stupid computer! Hmph.

I never liked computers... me and Kojiro almost died in one once! That's why I didn't use a vaccine program.

((Referencing the banned Porygon episode, A.K.A. the infamous seizure episode.))

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed

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